Texas Hold’em play

Texas Hold’em has become the number one game of the poker variants. Typically a full Texas Hold’em table will have nine or ten players, but can be played between just two. Games beginning with six seats at a table are often referred to as being short handed. Experienced players will appreciate the difference in tactics […]

Poker Confidence

Confidence in your abilities as a poker player promotes your continued success. It should not matter if your poker bankroll is in a shrinking or growing phase; if your game is solid, the variance that a poker bankroll goes through will have an overall upward trend. Having confidence means you understand that you cannot win […]

How about Video Poker?

One of the all time favourites is video poker. Video poker first came available in the 1970’s, but the game really hit it off in the 1979 when a company called Si Redd’s Coin Machines (SIRCOMA) launched draw video poker. These days every respected casino offers you video poker. Also hundreds of website are dedicated […]

Android Poker

Poker players pay attention! Do want to play your favorite game anywhere and all the time? Check out this post! We would like to recommend you the this website: Android-Poker.eu. Android Poker.eu is a website fully dedicated to playing poker on your android phone or tablet. They have done a lot of research and have […]